Join the Exclusive Consortium for the Premiere of Galaxias (Galaxies) in SSAA Version

Join the Exclusive Consortium for the Premiere of ‘Galaxias’ (Galaxies) in SSAA Version



Discover ‘Galaxias’, a unique choral experience that transcends distances and connects hearts, now available for an exclusive consortium in SSAA version. Let’s join together in this musical adventure and take our choirs to new artistic and professional heights.


About ‘Galaxias’


Galaxias’, a work born during the pandemic, reflects the interconnectedness and resilience of the human spirit. Inspired by the idea that we are stars in a vast universe, forming a large interconnected community. ‘Galaxias’ offers an emotive and powerful narrative about the idea of community, perfect for enriching your repertoire and resonating with today’s audience.


The Consortium


Participate in a unique consortium with only 6 spaces available for premiering ‘Galaxias’ in SSAA version. By joining, your choir will enjoy an exclusive premiere and permanent recognition in every copy of the score. This means, no matter where it is published, your name and your choir’s name will be forever printed on each of the copies. This is an exceptional opportunity to add a significant work to your curriculum and increase the prestige and visibility of your choir.


Benefits and Process


By joining this journey, your choir will not only gain exclusive access to ‘Galaxias’, but will also be part of and interact in a select group to discuss advancements and details of the work. With a commitment of 4 weeks of writing, in this group you will receive weekly updates and have the unique opportunity to engage in the creative process.


Registration and Contact


“To be part of this exciting project, simply complete the registration form with your name and email address. The participation fee for the consortium is $500, payable once the group is complete. This fee not only secures your exclusive place in the consortium but also covers participation in the development process and access to exclusive materials from ‘Galaxias’. Once the consortium is complete, this musical adventure will officially begin.

Do you have questions or want to know more details? Do not hesitate to write an email at or schedule a meeting to discuss how ‘Galaxias’ can enrich your next choral program.

Join the ‘Galaxias’ SSAA Consortium

  • Registration Open Until: Limited to 6 choirs.
  • Contribution: $500 for exclusive premiere rights.
  • What You Get: Permanent recognition in score copies, exclusive access to the development process, and weekly updates.
  • Commitment: 4-week writing period with collaborative input.
  • Premiere: Exclusive rights to the inaugural performance.
  • Extras: Opportunity for direct composer interaction, and possible visit for premiere assistance.
  • Register Now: Elevate your choir’s repertoire and prestige with ‘Galaxias’.

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