Excellence, social inclusion, interaction and personal growth.
As an artist I feel the obligation to leave something embodied on this earth, something that makes us reflect. It is important to determine that art is something inherent to the human condition and therefore no human can be left out of its practice and enjoyment. Art is what makes us evolve our thinking, portrays the socio-economic situation and helps us put on the table issues that need to be discussed.

With excellence we can make the message go deeper. That this message transcends in the conscience. We know that something well done will last over time and penetrate deeper into the heart.

With inclusion we can allow ourselves to be more human. Having humanity and understanding ourselves as a social group, not being beasts that separate people because of their condition or origin. Be more human.

With interaction and personal growth, we can and will create a better society. If individuals start to grow, then we will be better able to interact on a deeper level. This interaction is what transforms us as a more caring, loving, nurturing and compassionate society as a whole. 

As an academic composer, my life goal is to use this existence to provide well-being, growth and union between people using music as a vehicle.

Give my clients the opportunity to be part of a highly prestigious choral community. An opportunity for each part to interact with each other obtaining knowledge elevating the art.

Strategic Planing

Every day of my life I wake up with the purpose of creating and improving connections between people. Talking and being transparent sharing our objectives is the first step to grow together.

I strongly believe that we all have something to learn from each other. I am very interested in creating activities that increase the well-being, interaction and growth of the community.

Every year I offer at least one consortium as an opportunity for choirs to get to know each other and have something in common to share.

To promote inclusion, every other year I create a work in collaboration with another composer to be premiered in a virtual choir format. This event provides visibility to new composers and unites amateur singers from all over the world.

I organize tours to visit more than one choir having composer in residence experiences in universities and colleges. This generates a great connection between the choirs that contract my service on tour. In addition, the cultural exchange that exists between the students makes this experience the most valuable that I usually offer.

I participate in festivals and competisions  both as a jury and as a guest composer to compose the festival anthem, give a workshop.


Santiago Veros (1990) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Full-time composer globally recognized for the originality and beauty of his works, he was born into a family devoted to music. With only 5 years of age he began his first steps in the formation of musical writing. From the ages of 7 to 18, Santiago would begin formal musical training until finally entering the National University of La Plata. There he studied composition while showing his interest and ability to write vocal music.

At just 23 years old, Santiago was already taking his first steps on the international choral music scene. Argentina, Chile and the Philippines were the first countries in which his music was performed. Soon Texas A&M University Corpus Christi would commission a work from him. With this act, the composer begins his unbreakable and prosperous relationship with the choirs of the USA. Some time later, Santiago jumped onto the world stage participating in the choral symposium in Barcelona. This added to the premiere of O Magnum Mysterium by Cantala Lawrence University, lead to the composer obtaining great prestige. So it was that the following year he became the first Latin American composer to premiere a work at the most important festival in Europe. Thanks to the Cypriot choir Cantus Novus Femina, his music was heard at the Europa Cantat 2018 festival.

After that important premiere in a place as exclusive as Europa Cantat, Santiago begins a tour stage. Thus his music travels 5 continents. In short, the composer had premieres in South Africa, Taiwan, Estonia, Cyprus, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, the Philippines, Germany, Croatia, USA, among others. In just 4 years, Santiago has given 6 intercontinental tours, provided virtual choir experiences, workshops and working with some of the most prestigious choirs in the world. Among his most important presentations, it is worth highlighting his premieres and participations in the ACDA conferences from 2018 to the present.

Santiago’s music “It provided a powerful high point of tension in our concert and one could tell the audience was engaged in its drama” (Elektra Women’s Choir). His compositions are performed all over the world, and he frequently makes world tours giving concerts and clinics. His pieces have been part of festivals as well as ACDA conferences. Santiago is famous for making composer-in-residence visits to colleges and universities to share his knowledge and create memorable experiences. His charismatic character and his endearing community spirit are embodied in each of his pieces. As a full-time composer, he shares a large number of works written in collaboration with the renowned poet Charles Anthony Silvestri. Likewise, he supports other composers by making collaborations and guiding us in their professional careers. His community spirit has led him to join large choirs to compose in his favorite format, the consortium.

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