Can I buy your sheet music online?

Santiago’s sheet music is currently available on this sit. There you can acquire your copies.


I need photos for my concert program

You can always download photos of Santiago in this folder.


Can I make recordings of Santiago’s works?

Santiago is always happy to hear new versions of the works. If you want to have a license to record pieces, consult it in contact@santiagoveros.site


Can I commission a piece?

If you want to know more about the procedure, take a visit o this page. To coordinate agenda and details, please write to contact@santiagoveros.site


I would like to schedule a rehearsal?

Of course. For that, you should first send an audio of the work in its last rehearsal by mail and then provide a variety of possible days to coordinate a zoom with the choir.


Can Santiago visit my choir?

As a short answer, yes. Santiago is always traveling and really enjoys visiting universities and participating in festivals. All trips are scheduled at least 6 to 8 months in advance. In principle, share your idea by writing an email to contact@santiagoveros.site


How to Report Errors in Scores?

Santiago is recruiting professional editors so that this does not happen. If you want to help improve the scores, you can write an email. For that, please send photos with red marker in the changes you suggest. We will send you a new version as soon as possible.

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