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The world is in a critical state. As humans, we must acknowledge our role in shaping this reality and awaken those who still deny it. It’s our responsibility to better the planet, for we are integral to this system.

With Charles Anthony Silvestri, we’ve chosen not to stand idly by. We invite you to join us in a creation that unveils the truth of our existence. This will be a robust major piece blending ethnic chants, folk rhythms, and channeling the essence and purity of ancient cultures. A time when humanity coexisted harmoniously with nature, when the human-earth covenant was a just exchange of giving and receiving in equal measure.

An enthralling 15-minute journey will unfold, traversing various stages of this relationship. It will culminate in the hope necessary to take action and heal our planet. Are you ready to be a part of this impactful endeavor?


(As choir and as patrons)

  • As patrons all copies, no matter which publisher publishes them, will contain your name and your choir’s name in the dedication.
  • A chat group to see and hear the evolution of the work.
  • You have the possibility of donating your copies to the choir that you consider.

    As choir
  • Gold Category 

    • Your name on the cover of the work in large letters.
    • Prominent mention in the list of commissioners in the editorial data.
    • Special adaptation for your ensemble.
    • Option to request unlimited revisions.
    • Access to studio and rehearsal audio recordings.
    • Exclusive access to Zoom sessions.
    • Priority for premieres.
  • Silver Category 

    • Mention in the list of commissioners in standard font in the editorial data.
    • Exclusive access to Zoom sessions.
    • Special adaptation for your ensemble.
  • Bronze Category 

    • Acquisition of the piece in version A or B.
    • Permission for self-adaptation or the option to hire an external orchestrator as needed.
    • Anonymity in the list of commissioners.

Duration: 15 – 20 min
Instrumentation: SATB+ Orchestra
Difficulty: Medium / Hard
Text language: English by Charles Anthony Silvestri

  • Exclusive right of interpretation for a year and a half
  • The delivery of the material contains: the master with orchestra and choir, the scores for each instrument and a version specially designed for singers that consists of the choir scores with a piano reduction.
  • Adaptation according to the instruments you have at your disposal


This consortium is open for registration until the consortium is completed

Once the consortium is complete, the piece begins to be written over the following 4 months.

Your name and that of all the people who wish to be part of this initiative will appear here. If you sign up now, your name will be here from August 18, 2023.

– Jonathan Adam Con


$ 23.625, 40 Which is what results from 1,000 for every minute of music written. Added to the sheet music edition, the poem for $2,500 and taxes of $1,125.4

Each choir or patron can contribute whatever is within the possibilities of their budget.

Everything you need to know about the initiative

April 22nd is Earth Day, and we want to present you with a work that carries a powerful message, making a significant impact on your audience. This piece will be truly meaningful in conveying a current issue for which we must take a stand. Below, you’ll find the poem to read and observe the sensitivity this piece holds.


Regarding the Composition Timeline:

Esteemed poet, Anthony Silvestri, will join us on this occasion with a masterful poem that will complement the experience. Throughout the creative process, from December 4th, 2023, to February 21st, 2024, I will do everything possible to craft a grand work, recognizing that only well-crafted messages have the potential to resonate within the hearts of humanity. My intention is to present you with a remarkable piece for a concert dedicated to the Earth at the end of April.


Regarding the Participation Fee:

Although there are 3 categories of participation, It’s essential to note that there isn’t a set fee for participating in the consortium. The objective is to gather choirs and patrons until the commission’s value is met. Nonetheless, a contribution of US$2500 or more is suggested for participation. This is a community art, and the consortium forms a community, a family. Once you’re part of the consortium, we’ll establish a conversation group to share this remarkable journey together. Any issues can be collectively discussed with transparency. Additionally, it’s exciting to get to know each other in this way. To ensure every participant fully enjoys this experience, we will adapt the arrangement to the various available ensembles. While the official version of “Dear Earth” will be for choir with full orchestra (A) and choir with band and percussion (B), we understand that participants may have different ensemble types. Therefore, once the composition is complete, the piece will be orchestrated by specialists following the provided specifications.


Regarding the Collective Experience and Some Thoughts on Direct Action:


I want this piece to have a tangible impact. To achieve this, I express my sincere commitment to use a portion of the funds raised in the consortium to contribute and collaborate with organizations dedicated to this cause. My personal goal is to donate 5,000 trees to the world in the name of each person who participates in this consortium. For that I will use the services of . Alongside Anthony, we invite you to consider the possibility of using your concert to raise funds. Don’t you think this is an opportunity to forge meaningful alliances with NGOs in your community? You can also stream your concert online to reach more people who wish to contribute.

By addressing a theme that encompasses all of humanity, the doors to participate in “Dear Earth” are open to all. Whether as an ensemble, sponsor, promoter of the work, or by connecting with environmental organizations, each individual can be part of this transformative work aimed at positively changing the world. I invite you to join this project, to be part of the change, and to leave a positive impact on our beloved planet Earth. Together, with empathy and action, we can make a difference. Will you join this cause? 

D E A R    E A R T H 
(Charles Anthony Silvestri )

There was a time…
There was a time when,
Clothed in a mantle of stars,
With the whispering of angels,
You revealed to us your wonders:


We saw bright new dawns with every turning,
And breathed the perfumed foam of surging seas,
Flew across infinite rainbows
And beheld the secrets they hide,
Ran through endless fields of roses and of golden reaching sunflowers;
This is how we saw you shine!


An age has passed since the golden days;
Now it is your ashes that we breathe,
Your acid tears we taste.
We see your agony,
The thousand demons stalking you,
See your lifeblood flow in oceans of anger,
Drowning us.
We see your weariness and feel your sorrow everywhere.


But today, my sisters and brothers,
The spell is broken;
We will awaken,
And together we will green the fields that were made brown,
And perfume all the breezes we have fouled;
We will lift your soul and wipe away your tears,
And the springtime of our birth will bloom again!
This we vow, dear earth,
With voices strong and clear;
This we vow, O Earth!

Should you have any questions, opinions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for your interest in Dear Earth. I invite you to seize this extraordinary opportunity to be part of a musical journey that transcends boundaries and fosters unity. Together, let us create a work that will resonate with the world and inspire generations to come.


Santiago Veros
Composer and Director



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