O Crux

Item: SV1009A | SV1009C​

O Crux

Difficulty: Medium

Force: SSAA or SATB

Text language: Latin

Duration: 3:00 minutes


Digital download. Please purchase the full number of copies you will use.


O Crux is a piece that tells the liberation of all the crosses that social thought makes us burden. It is a piece of forgiveness, where we free ourselves from the social stigmas we must endure. It is a statement to seek our authenticity without feeling guilty that we are failing to not follow the established order. It is in this fever of authenticity and self-discovery where one forgives oneself for not having respected when seeking to fit into the normative structure.

O Crux each voice will seek freedom freely expressing itself. All freedoms working at the same time will illuminate the work demonstrating that being free is the way. Each voice will provide the best of itself, its maximum happiness and that will be the basis for the whole set of voices that make up the piece, shine with an organic movement.