Lake of Stars (2022)

Item: SV1007A & SV1007B

Lake of Stars (2022)

Difficulty: Medium

Forces: SSAA, Alto flute & String Quintet

Text language: English by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Duration: 9:50 minutes


Digital download. Please purchase the full number of copies you will use. Remember, all the instrumental parts are purchased as a single pack.


Our lives are a circadian journey into the unknown. Different paths await us each moment, every day, as we awake from our dreams and open our eyes. Our choices create branches through time, some filled with struggle or pain, others with serenity and joy. Each day we are remade, transformed by experience and time, and begin a fresh journey with new dreams, ideas, and opportunity!

The concept of transformation and renewal through light over a lake is akin to the grace of living. Sunrise at dawn sets nature abuzz with excitement, the silence broken with the exuberant cries of life on the wind, the stillness of the water is set in motion again, and light washes over all bringing hope.

When dusk arrives, and the sun lowers behind the trees, the world is again transformed. It is at this precise moment when the lake become still again, and the stars take their place both above and below, in the reflection of the water, that we realize that a billion suns have now risen to comfort and inspire us.

The stars are beacons of joy, sentinels of time, illuminating our dreams until with the dawn, we again open our eyes and are remade and the waters stir again.