I Will Dream With You (2022)

The faithful companionship and unconditional love of a beloved animal companion is a profound and humbling blessing in life. “I Will Dream with You,” Santiago Veros’choral piece honoring his departed canine friend, Ruperto, is a heartfelt testimony to a magical bond that often eludes explanation

. The sweeping choral parts rise over an energetic, lilting instrumental accompaniment that calls to mind images of sun-filled, joyous, and playful moments between a person and cherished animal friend. Charles Anthony Silvestri’s emotionally rich lyrics leave the listener pondering whose sentiments we are experiencing, as those of canine and human feel inextricably woven together.

The result is a stunningly evocative piece that captures and celebrates the everlasting love and wonder of such a relationship, culminating with the anticipation each creature feels to see the other again even as one life ends, quietly, in a whisper of the last breath.

Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Instrumentation: SATB + Clarinet, Piano and string Quintet

Text language: English by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Duration: 7:00 min

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