The roads can be winding, one can feel that it is going backwards but the determination will always triumph. If you know where you are going, enlightenment will come and the true self will shine with new colors.

This piece will begin by narrating an experience: the moment before dawn floating in the uncertainty of an eternal lake. Surrounded by conifers and accompanied by the wind that pushes destiny whispering our wishes. Everything seems improbable when thoughts torment us, but when calmness comes to mind, everything clears up.

The stars disappear because they rain down on us, our faces and everything that surrounds us. The dawn, the dawn of us and of the earth itself begins. Transformed into light, wisdom and freshness we can reveal new colors around us. The whole environment is transformed and the port with which we once dreamed of arriving is radiant in front of us.


Our lives are a circadian journey into the unknown. Different paths await us each moment, every day, as we awake from our dreams and open our eyes. Our choices create branches through time, some filled with struggle or pain, others with serenity and joy. Each day we are remade, transformed by experience and time, and begin a fresh journey with new dreams, ideas, and opportunity!

The concept of transformation and renewal through light over a lake is akin to the grace of living. Sunrise at dawn sets nature abuzz with excitement, the silence broken with the exuberant cries of life on the wind, the stillness of the water is set in motion again, and light washes over all bringing hope. When dusk arrives, and the sun lowers behind the trees, the world is again transformed.

It is at this precise moment when the lake become still again, and the stars take their place both above and below, in the reflection of the water, that we realize that a billion suns have now risen to comfort and inspire us. The stars are beacons of joy, sentinels of time, illuminating our dreams until with the dawn, we again open our eyes and are remade and the waters stir again.

Technical file of the work

Duration: 8:45 minutes.
Instrumentation: SSAA +String Quartet (Optional piano reduction) + Andean flute
Difficulty: Medium.
Text language: In English, original by Anthony Silvestri.
Open until: May 28th, 2021
Sheet Music Delivery Date: September 30, 2021


Sailing through this longest of nights
Across dark waters, and darker thoughts,
The distant shore

Only the shadow of long ago,
I reach for the memory of the green of your eyes,
For the smell of spring, the whispering of butterflies;
But wrapped in a cloak of deep forgetting,
I begin to fade away.

From the darkness gather, luminous,
The guardians of past and future;
They surround me, whispering, Rise and remember!
Follow, and we will guide you home!
Follow, and we will guide you home!

The voices awaken a shower of stars,
Banishing night, revealing the path
To the once distant shore,
And the promised light of long-awaited dawn

Charles Anthony Silvestry

The consortium system

This work came to the world thanks to the consortium system and the support of the Patreons. To do this, we divide the total cost of the work among the choirs that commissioned it. This is how 5 choirs had the opportunity to be part of the composition process of the work. We also had a chat room to discuss progress and steps to follow. They were also joined by the Patreons system who, by making contributions without a specific fee, have done a great job easing the cost of the registration of the choirs. Thus, thanks to the union and the collective way of working, we were able to bring this work to life.

They are the ones who made this work possible

Cantala (Lawrence University Women’s Choir) – Phillip A. Swan, conductor
Canzona Women’s Ensemble – Jill Anderson and Cricket Handler, Artistic Directors,
Elektra Women’s Choir, Morna Edmundson, Artistic Director,
Nazareth College Treble Choir – Brian M. Stevens, Director
Sora Singers (Brock University) – Rachel Rensink-Hoff, conductor,
Howard Dawson, Joy Hewitt and Martha Cathleen Dawson.

Being a self-published composer

I am a self-published composer. My philosophy is to create unity between people. For this reason, I value the composer-director and composer-choir relationship, providing a complete service for those who incorporate these works into the repertoire.

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