Galaxias (2021)

Galaxias (2021)

Difficulty: Medium / Easy

Forces: SATB piano, Crystal Glasses

Text language: Spanish

Duration: 4:40 minutes


Digital download. Please purchase the full number of copies you will use.


The work narrates the idea that each person is a light that is part of the galaxy. The text describes an eternal being that receives the ancestral light to form part of the stellar mantle. It provides support and guidance to those who are looking for a path.


And the shadow of twilight fades
when the light of the ancestors
forms a mantle that protects and guides us.

A being illuminating the galaxies
The certainty on the shipwrecked path
The glint of existence, time and distance.

The ancient aurora of golden light
at the awakening of the dawn
the eyes radiant with certainties
condensed into rays of light.

The eternal radiance of the soul:
an instant of infinite distances
and the birth of a million dawns.