The value of a commissioned piece

Create and grow

Commissioning a piece is an experience that allows you to give much growth to your choir. You do it either because you will do a piece with a theme that you and your choir can identify with, or you want to surprise the jury in your next competition, or you want to celebrate the anniversary of your choir or, simply, you want to discover a new art form.

In all cases, a commissioned piece is an experience that allows you to have a special bond with the piece because it will be made exclusively for you and for your choir. As time goes by, there probably is not a work that you will ever appreciate as much as the one you commissioned, because you saw it born, you revised and corrected it, and you followed it closely from beginning to end. 

Joseph Ohrt and the Central Bucks West Choir performing a commissioned piece for the Intercollegiate Men’s Choruses National Conference in Washington, DC.

So, what is the procedure to make a commission?    

1. Engage in dialogue until we find a poetic theme that is convincing and that gives free rein to the imagination. (You may already have a poetic theme to propose.)  

2. Find a poem that addresses that theme or find a poet who can write it.  

3. Starting from the poem, you’ll receive a “shape of the piece”: a document in a PDF file that specifies in detail the duration of the work, the parts that comprise it, and each detail of how the text will be musicalized.  

4. The price will be estimated in relation to the duration and quantity of voices that the work will have. After the approval of the work plan and the fees, 20% of the total amount will be deposited as a signal to start writing the piece.

5. After the completion of the score, you’ll receive an audio with a virtual choir so you can listen to the piece and give your approval. If you are satisfied with the piece, you deposit the remaining 80% and you will receive the score.  

6. If you think it is appropriate to modify the score, you do not have to be concerned. The modifications are free. This piece is really yours, and you have the freedom to ask for as many modifications as you think necessary.  

7. The exclusive rights of execution of the work will be yours for one year.

Let’s create a piece together!


If you are interested in getting in touch to start the beautiful path of creating a work of art, do not hesitate to contact Santiago Veros.