Virtual Choir 2.0


All the singers of the virtual choir of “The Secret of Life” have already registered. An experience that will gather 123 singers from 19 countries on 4 continents to sing together and celebrate the love of life, live each day with determination, be authentic with yourself at all times.



The world premiere of The Secret of Life in Texas by the ECU choir.

Motivations to make the virtual choir 2.0

All this is born from the Virtual Choir of “Cuando Neruda soñó”. A Virtual Choir that has achieved 12,000 views and hundreds of shared with voices from all over the world. Leaving aside the numerical, the most beautiful thing was to maintain a relationship with all the singers, build a community and share a part of life.


I want to repeat this because my intention is to unite people and listen to each other. The feeling of community that exists in a real choir can be replicated in a virtual choir.
I selected this work especially because I think that the text it contains will be very helpful to change the lives of many people. I hope the interpreters can feel that journey of body and spirit. Only then will the work have fulfilled its purpose.

Santiago Veros

If you want to know the history behind the work, click here

How will the experience be made?

Juan Infante Camaño in his recording studio

The video will be released on July 20, the day on which friendship is celebrated in Argentina. Santiago plans to offer a great audiovisual experience that immerses us in an exciting journey. For that, he will use an 8D surround sound mixed by the Head of the sound department Juan Infante Camaño, who will work with his team to leave us with his mouth open.

The singers will have access to the study material and guide videos from the first of March. As of May 1, the website will be available to receive your videos and will be closed on July 1.

Who will direct the choir?

On this occasion, Dr. María Alejandra Fuentes (1985, Córdoba, Argentina) will be in charge of directing the virtual Choir. She has been an indispensable person in the life of Santiago since it is she who opens the door to discover his love for choral music when the composer begins to form part and write for the choir “Cantoría El Escudo – Vocal Masculino”, a choir Founded and directed by Alejandra from 2006 to 2016 in the city of La Plata.
Alejandra Fuentes conducting
“When David Heard” by Eric Whitacre (44:50 min)

Alejandra is not only an endearing person but a top-level director; in her career she has a university degree as a choir director at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata (The UNLP), 2 CDs of Baroque music with the Ensemble Elyma, innumerable tours through several Latin American countries and a great tour of Europe in 2012. She has also received a large number of national and international awards as a member of the prestigious Tous Ensamble choir.

As a promoter of culture, she worked in the Secretariat of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UNLP, coordinating several cultural cycles. Currently she is part of the National Program of Choirs and Orchestras of the Bicentennial in San Antonio Oeste, Río Negro.