The Secret of Life

A short story about  “The Secret of Life”

“Secret of Life” is a piece written by Santiago Veros with text by Matthew Silver. In this Christmas version, a select group of singers from all over the world have lent their voices to convey a message of love and determination for life. 
Santiago Veros with Emi Kajiyama, YU Okamoto and Brady Alrred at the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music – Barcelona.

The idea of doing this work was born during the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music in Barcelona. The same Brady Allred determined that it should be something very beautiful, easy to sing, and accessible to all choirs. Playing with simple ideas (a melody of nothing more than two vertices), this melody is born whose lyrics are only “enjoy” and the variant “and enjoy” for 4 minutes.

When I met with my friend Betina in Valencia, the work was completely transformed, and the idea started that in the middle it should have an explosive force that says, “Do not be an idiot! Do not miss this moment! Life is beautiful! Value it! ” 15 days later, when I went to visit the house of a Buddhist friend (Juan Antinori) in a field still in Spain, I already knew what theme it should have, I knew the shape of the piece, and I even knew the melody. I told him everything I experienced during this trip, and he told me that the meaning of life is in the present. Behind is suffering for the nostalgic and ahead is uncertainty. After a long talk, we saw Matthew Silver’s video and immediately I understood that his message was all I needed to write this work. So I added “Enjoy, enjoy a little more” so that the poem fit the way my piece was going to be, and I started to create the harmony for that melody. Back in Buenos Aires, I applied for a classroom available with a piano at the university and started working on the piano for the first time.

At the beginning it was a work in A major, a tonality that I found very bright for the beginning of a piece. Then I remembered the emotional and nostalgic weight that the tonality of G flat has, so I decided to use that tonality with the intention of going to A major for the brightest moment. After the return of Betina to Argentina (September 17), I found someone with whom to discuss all the fears of life and how to get ahead in such an adverse country. I found a person who was going to find a way to face adversity like I did. At that time (September 21), from the measure 21, I knew that this work was a message for her: to walk without attachments, and to find herself and love above all things. When I finished writing, I realized that this piece is a desperate cry of love for humanity, the display of the soul of someone who for months was transforming and could see life from many aspects. I hope the interpreters can feel that journey of body and spirit. Only then will the work have fulfilled its purpose.

Enjoy, enjoy a little more.
Live in the moment. 
Don’t get old, don’t judge people. 
Because you can’t be free if you judge people. 

To live and to live in a mystery 
and to find purpose and to live in the now.
the magic is now!

Enjoy, enjoy a little more 
Live in the moment. 
you can’t get away from your heart. 
because life is a paradox, 
It is a mirror of confusion 
So love now! 
I Love all of you.

I want to rehearse this piece with Santiago

Rehearsing with Jonathan Talberg and the CSULB

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