Cuando Neruda Soñó (SATB)



This piece is an adventure of someone who is disconnected from himself and his environment, and undertakes a journey in total solitude, into an immense space carrying all of his uncertainties. It is that space that teaches him to find himself, to ask questions, and to reflect. In the process, he may get lost, but he knows that he will struggle to find the way, and ends up revealing to himself a truth that transcends him. A truth so powerful that it dazzles him. It makes him see life where he once saw loneliness. Finally, feeling at peace and harmony with himself, he finds the help of great guides who sail at his side. This piece leaves us with the awareness that we will never be completely alone. Only when we see ourselves and accept the multiple layers of our embodiment, can we connect with our environment and those around us. When we accept ourselves as we are, perfectly as we are, we can provide the best version of ourselves with the people around us and the world.