Almas de Barro (SMA)



Santiago Veros at the age of 19 writes this piece dedicated to a woman who for that time she was shy and he rarely talked with her.
Almas de Barro describes intimately the moments of counterpoint classes when these two people look at each other in a very adolecent way, they can not do of anything more than continue to look at each other in complete silence.

The piece is born as a statement to be put into sound in the counterpoint class. The idea was to make a sound representation of the situation, so at the beginning of the play there are no words and the voices act like those looks, they march together and from time to time dodge to highlight the discomfort of the situation and to the few seconds, they are back together. The poem accompanies giving the message that all this is a fantasy, a state of reverie where, on awakening, everything is will lose.
As the work progresses we will see how the voices begin to detach and when they (the voices) wake up, they realize that they are lost and in complete solitude and that is their only point in common.
Then there will come a coda that longs to return to sleep, to belong to that dream.