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Support the creation of initiatives being part of a great family of beautiful people.

The Patreons initiative was born in 2019 to provide the opportunity for choirs that want to commission pieces to receive help to do so.

Many times I receive great ideas for pieces that should or should come true like the case of Galaxias or Lake of Stars. Ideas created by directors with a lot of imagination. Sometimes those choirs have a very restricted budget to tackle a full commission, that’s when “The Santi’s Angels” intervenes, that’s how we sympathetically call the Patreons family. The important thing is that no artistic expression that deserves to come into the world is left without existing due to lack of funds.

Thus, the Patreons are private individuals who promote a fraction of the artistic projects proposed by directors or on their own initiative. At the time of writing this text we are working on the “Glaciares Virtual Choir”, in 2 consortia – works commissioned by various choirs and Patreons- and in the organization of a new tour of the USA and Canada. Each patreon can choose how much they want to contribute and in which project they want to promote. It can also be contributed from project management to get funds and participants. When a Patreon supports a fraction of the project, it becomes part of “The Angels”.

With this they have access to the chat group, to share the evolution of each of the projects in real time. That is, you can listen to the work while it is coming to the world and see behind the scenes of the creation of others projects. As well as having a dedication on all the works that the Patreons support. That’s right, every copy, no matter where it’s published, will have your name engraved on it for eternity.

Contribute to bringing new pieces, recordings and experiences of virtual choirs to the world.

Currently the Patreons have partially covered projects such as “The Last March of Destiny”, “Galaxias”, “Lake of Stars”, The USA tour in November 2021 – along with all the recordings made in those experiences – and the virtual choirs. Without the Patreons, we couldn’t be enjoying many of these works and recordings. That is why if you want to bring pleasure to the world, I invite you to consider being part of the Angels of Santi. You can coordinate an interview and find out more about the new initiatives by writing to

These are the projects that you can currently support

I gratefully acknowledge the following Friends who have made gifts of $ 250 or more during the last initiatives. They are very important people who have brought recordings, commissions and tours to the world. Without them we would not be able to enjoy a number of pieces that exist today.

Christine Crofut Carpenter

Christopher Carpenter

Elaine Farrar Kondrat

Howard Dawson

Joy Hewitt

Julie Souin

Marti Dawson