This work was promoted by Chris Bowman and his choir to create a consortium.


The work narrates the idea that each person is a light that is part of the galaxy. The text describes an eternal being that receives the ancestral light to form part of the stellar mantle. It provides support and guidance to those who are looking for a path.

Technical file of the work

Duration: 5 minutes.
Instrumentation: SATB piano, Crystal Glasses.
Difficulty: Medium / Easy.
Text language: Spanish

The poem

The text was collectively written thanks to phrases that Chris’s singers sent me. From those phrases I was able to shape the final poem. Below you can read the translation and the text in Spanish.


And the shadow of twilight fades
when the light of the ancestors
forms a mantle that protects and guides us.

A being illuminating the galaxies
The certainty on the shipwrecked path
The glint of existence, time and distance.

The ancient aurora of golden light
at the awakening of the dawn
the eyes radiant with certainties
condensed into rays of light.

The eternal radiance of the soul:
an instant of infinite distances
and the birth of a million dawns.


Y la tiniebla del ocaso desvanece
cuando la luz de los ancestros
forma un manto que protege y guía.

Un ser iluminando las galaxias
La certeza en el camino del naufrago
El fulgor de la existencia, el tiempo y la distancia.

La aurora ancestral de luz dorada
en el despertar del alba.
los ojos radiantes de certezas
condensados en rayos luminosos.

El eterno fulgor del alma:
un instante de infinitas distancias
y el amanecer de millones de albas.

In a collective spirit initiative, Chris and I have decided to open this work to come to life as a consortium. That’s how thanks to Bill Perrot, Chris Bowman, Christine Crofut Carpenter, Elaine Farrar Kondrat, Joy Hewitt Howard and Marti Dawson we were able to bring this work to life.

Being a self-published composer

I am a self-published composer. My philosophy is to create unity between people. For this reason, I value the composer-director and composer-choir relationship, providing a complete service for those who incorporate these works into the repertoire.

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