I want to unite as many people as possible using singing as our unifying tool. In fact, the feeling of brotherhood and mutual collaboration can always be present. Not only by awakening the sounds of music but also by bringing music to life.

For that reason I want to do a large part of my commissions as a consortium. I want to offer the opportunity to connect conductors, Patreons and create beautiful families.  My experiences with consortia like «Galaxias» and «The Last March of Destiny» were wonderful.

How does the system work

The system is really simple. In each work I propose a theme to work on. We will generally use poems commissioned from Anthony Silvestri. For some experiences we will already have the poem and in others only the music. There will be consortia of 10 choirs and also some more exclusive ones with only 4 participants.

In each experience you will know the theme of the work, the difficulty, as well as the duration and time in which it will be written. Each work will have your name and that of your choir in absolutely all editions. In addition, being the owner of the work, you can interpret it as many times as you want without paying licenses (except in discographic recordings).

Something more about this experience

30% off

I have a desire to create choir families and create beautiful relationships. I have already created WhatsApp and Messenger groups with the previous consortia and it is extremely fun.

To make these families grow I will offer a 30% discount from the second consortium in which you are. They can be consecutive or wait years and participate in another consortium. If you have already worked with me, you have the guarantee that you will have that discount.

A family of conductors and composers

In terms of audience, I know that repeating authors on your concerts can sometimes become counterproductive. That is why you will see many times that among the available consortium offers there will be the names of other composers. I really love creating music and want to support my composers friends as we create beautiful bonds. In addition, it will allow you to obtain a discount and incorporate works by several composers.

Consortium works

Click on the titles to access the scores, audios and texts of each work.

Galaxias (SATB) – Completed

The Last March of Destiny SSAATTBB + Bass solo – Completed

Lake of Stars SSAA +Andean flute + String Orchestra – Completed

Glaciares SATB + Orchestra in collaboration with Micaela Carballo (Open)

Senderos SATB+ Orchestra (Open)

A new piece with Anthony Silvestri SATB + String Ensemble+ Piano (Open, starts in December, 2021)

The call for choirs begins on the date indicated and once the consortium is completed, the writing of the work begins. You can reserve your participation right now. That will speed up the process.

Those special people

I started creating consortia in November 2020. I am so happy to have incorporated this production modality into my life that I want to acknowledge the people who bring this new music to life.
On the one hand we have the support of the Patreons, a very fun group that has called themselves “The Angels”

Christine Crofut Carpenter

Elaine Farrar Kondrat

Howard Dawson

Joy Hewitt

Lucas Lee

Marti Dawson

On the other hand, the directors who have joined my consortium experiences are:

Joseph Ohrt

Hearther orr

Ryan Ellis

Bill perrot

Chris bowman

Reagan Paras

Julian Bryson

Morna Edmundson

Cricket Handler

Phillip A. Swan

Brian Stevens

Martha Swisher

Brian Stevens

Rachel Rensink-Hoff

I really advise you that if you have doubts about these experiences, try to get in touch with one of them. They are really wonderful and very kind people.

If there is a work that interests you, you can reserve your place simply by completing the form below. This is simply a pre-registration that will keep you notified when we reach the minimum number of choirs necessary to begin the experience.

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