This piece was written to sow hope and illuminate in the most difficult moments. It is a piece full of emotion and power. Intended to unite numerous choirs and make each singer do his or her best to have a challenge to overcome.

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History of the work

I wrote this piece in one of the greatest crises of my life. In 2013 the place where I lived suffered a flood, I lost my home, my job and I went back to live with my mother. In that situation I looked for melodies that relate to the loss. And how I felt that nothing was mine, I decided to use other people’s melodies. So I read the story of “When David Heard,” a piece by Eric Whitacre commissioned to commemorate the murder of director Ronald Staheli’s son, and I felt it was very appropriate to use that tune for a soloist.

The work is made up of three parts. It is a journey that starts from desolation and ends in the construction of an environment that provides containment and support. That is why we will see the soloist isolated from the choir and then, in the middle of the piece, we will hear a 7-note chord (all the notes of the scale representing the union and coexistence in harmony). In the end, when everything stabilizes and together they can build a solid base, the superior voices, contained and supported by the rest of the singers can fly and be free building lively melodies.

The final message of this piece is that a person is insignificant if there is not a whole, an environment that contains them and that we all depend on everyone. That union is what will make us strong and that is the true triumph of humanity. That is why the work ends with a 7-note “amen”, putting each of the voices in hierarchical equality and harmony.

Being a self-published composer

I am a self-published composer. My philosophy is to create unity between people. For this reason, I value the composer-director and composer-choir relationship, providing a complete service for those who incorporate these works into the repertoire.

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