– I N M E N S I D A D –

Inmensidad will be a meditative piece; My idea is to narrate that the origin of everything we know and do not know: we are connected by the same origin, we are the result of a first action. The piece leaves us the message that everithing can be redone, that there is no collision or destruction is not in vain: the volcanoes erupt to create the earth, the stars collide to give life to other stars and galaxies. Everything is a perpetual reincarnation because the soul of all things is infinite.

Instrumentation: Female choir, Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, Cello.

Duration: 4:30 to 5 min.


Vasta creación de mil dioses,
con alma de estrellas,
en una eterna colisión brillante
indivisible de galaxias

En la Tierra, las furias volcánicas
en la flor, lo apacible,

en el tiempo, lo inconmensurable,
y en el al alma de todas las cosas,
una expansión infinita.

– Ana Sofía Romagnoli –



Vast creation of a thousand gods,
With the soul of stars,
in a brilliant eternal collision
Indivisible of galaxies

On Earth, volcanic furies
In the flower, the peaceful,

In time, the immeasurable,
And in the soul of all things,
an infinite expansion.