This is a truly profound work; It is an Alleluia whose narrative begins in solitude and desolation; with those songs in solitary and separate that call to other voices that provide strength to reach the moment of union, where all the voices are present in their maximum splendor. And that is the real triumph, that cry of “Alleluia!”
That is why I wrote this work, because against all evidence I still believe in humanity. Because I believe that in these individualistic times, the true triumph of the human being is to be able to unite with those around us to achieve something transcendent, something incredible.
And practice gives me the reason… because even this work could not have been born without the wills having been born shining with their own light. I feel the happiness of achieving something that transcends us and that the wills of all Vocal de Cámara Platense can come together and achieve something so wonderful.

This really excites me and I hope you can share this message with those who need it, with those who feel helpless. I hope we all practice this philosophy and that we leave selfishness aside to create, grow and leave a mark … to surprise us of the wonderful power that humanity has when acting together.

I want to rehearse this piece with Santiago

Rehearsing with Jonathan Talberg and the CSULB

If you already have the copies for your choir and want to request a skype session to rehearse this piece, do not hesitate to coordinate an rehearsal by clicking here