Winter Stars

This piece will be composed by the great composer Giulio De Carlo. The most relevant feature of him is the ability to create extremely descriptive music, almost Renaissance but using contemporary harmony. It is interesting that you consider this piece in your repertoire as this composer really is a true gem and you may have the opportunity to be one of the first to acquire something original from him.

About the piece

To create this piece we will use the powerful poem by Sara Teasdale called «Winter Stars». A poem so profound that it is worth describing word after word. So create a work that keeps growing until it reveals the power of renewed hope, despite the days and years that go by.

That same narrative contrast that provokes a feeling of introspection that will remain both in you and in your singers and in the audience.

Technical file of the work

Duration: Between 4 to 5 minutes.
Instrumentation: SATB with divisi 
Difficulty: Medium
Text language: English
Sheet Music Delivery Date: 4-6 weeks after completing the consortium

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I went out at night alone;
 The young blood flowing beyond the sea
Seemed to have drenched my spirit’s wings—
 I bore my sorrow heavily.

But when I lifted up my head
 From shadows shaken on the snow,
I saw Orion in the east
 Burn steadily as long ago.

From windows in my father’s house,
 Dreaming my dreams on winter nights,
I watched Orion as a girl
 Above another city’s lights.

Years go, dreams go, and youth goes too,
 The world’s heart breaks beneath its wars,
All things are changed, save in the east
 The faithful beauty of the stars.

Sara Teasdale
This work will come to life as a consortium. 

The philosophy of choral music is to bring people together. And the consortium is a very effective way to come together from the beginning of creation. I think that’s why it’s good to create a community where you can participate and have conversations. We can get to know each other and thus make this work grow. We can make this work occupy a great place among us, tell the story of how we started making music together.

So if you join, you will get the recognition you deserve. All copies, regardless of which publisher publishes them, will have your name or your choir’s name. You can participate as a Patreon or as a choral institution. It’s up to you.

Each choir will have the opportunity to perform the world premiere and have the name of the choir/patreon in all editions of this work. You can join the project until the consortium is completed. You can privately agree on the most convenient payment model for you. 

The total value of the work will be divided among all the choirs. My intention is that each choir covers a fee of US $ 250 and in this way, we would begin to work on the work once the first 6 choirs have been assembled. The fees may go down as more choirs join since we will divide the total value of the work among the participants. It will be a great collective experience that will unite us and allow us to project a beautiful winter season.

If you want to participate or make a query, simply write an email to  with the subject «Winter Stars».