Virtual Choir 2020

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La Magia del Río- Pronunciation Guide

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Hi friends! This one will be quite simple.


I have created video guide tracks for everyone to follow. There is one full track, and one video for each of the vocal parts. You may sing as many or as few as you want. I will use all of your submitted tracks in the audio mix. However, I will only choose one video to represent each person in the actual video (rather than having multiple versions of the same person floating around).


Choose the video you want to sing along with. Using your computer or a tablet (iPad), have the video ready to play in front of you so you can easily read the score on screen. For your recording device, you can use your laptop, PC, phone, or actual video camera. Whatever you have access to. You will need headphones during the recording because you cannot have the guide video playing loudly in the background. (HOWEVER, for those of you who have done this before and feel comfortable doing so, you may record your audio FIRST and then lip sync the video afterward. If you choose to do it this way, you won’t need to wear headphones for the video part. If you would like to try this but seem confused about how to do it, please contact me!)


Please dress nicely. No particular color necessary, just something nice. For your background, please try to have a clean space behind you. It doesn’t have to be a solid wall, or any particular color. But please don’t have dirty laundry or a junky bookshelf or your kitchen sink in the background. The whole world is going to see you, so clean up a bit. 🙂 If you are using a portable device and you are not locked to your computer desk, go ahead and find a nice clean space in your home to set up for recording. If you are using your desktop computer and you cannot change your location, just look around at the space behind you and see how you can make it nice. You can hang a sheet behind you if it helps. Or just tidy up!


Upload the video to YouTube as public or private and send the link of your video to


I have set the submission deadline for July 20th, 2020.

Image updated June 15

The translation of the lyrics/poem:

We are the union;
The most powerful force in nature,
With the ability to make shine
The spring of desires.

We are the arms high up and
We are hugging the sky
Uniting the seas;
We cross the borders and
We create magic
We are transported there,
Where desire flows and
Where together we are the torrent
With the ability to turn dreams into reality.

Together we are the magic of the universe.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any requirements? In principle, beyond the delivery times, there are no requirements to participate. It is a free activity, without prior registration or age limit. There is also no limit on the number of participants.

About the image: If you want to advertise and promote your choir or choral institution by having singers wear a shirt with a logo of your choir or institution, there is nothing to prohibit it. If you feel discomfort with your image, you can send audio without video and you will also appear in the credits.

About the sound: You have to take into account that there are hundreds of people participating and your audio can be partially used. Even so, all received audios will be used. Due to noise in the recording environment, there may be a possibility that the audio may be partially discarded. Audio fragments that have sporadic noises (birds, cars, page turning, interference, signal saturation) will only be partially removed. That is, only the parts where the noise appears will be deleted. If there is a constant sound (a refrigerator, air conditioners, conversation sounds, etc.), only in that case the audio will be discarded. Even so, you will appear on video and you will have your part in the credits.

This is the first demo of the Virtual Choir of La Magia del Río edited on July 4.