The Secret of Life

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Technical file of the work

Duration: 3:30 minutes
Choir: SATB
Difficulty: Easy
Poet: Matthew Silver


Sometimes we face the question of what we should do with our lives; if we are on the right path. This work teaches us that we must find ourselves, we must not judge anyone in their choices, we must live to fulfill our desires and, above all, to love. We must love life, value humanity. We must keep in mind that life is a miracle and do something worthwhile. 


Enjoy, enjoy a little more.
Live in the moment. Don’t get old.
Don’t judge people.
Because you can’t be free if you judge people.

To live and to live in a mystery
and to find purpose and to live in the now.
the magic is now!

Enjoy, enjoy a little more
Live in the moment. you can’t get away from your heart.
because life is a paradox, It is a mirror of confusion
So love now! I Love all of you.

Poem by Matthew Silver

The history of the work

During a trip to Spain I meet Brady Alrred in Barcelona and he tells me “you should write a simple work, a love song”. The days passed and I visited my friend Betina in Valencia. She was doing a graduate degree in architecture and was disoriented and overwhelmed. At that moment I told her “you have everything, you are already in your second career, you have all the talent and the decision that you want in your life, just do it!!” and thus was born this work. It is a piece to face the fact that life is a paradox, a mirror of confusion but you must find what you want for your life and love your life. Take a deep breath, look up, and find love in all the things and people around you.

On March 9, the day before my 30th birthday, I was able to conduct this piece doing my composer residency with the Central Bucks High School West.