A new piece with Anthony Silvestri


This piece will be a work to find the calm with oneself. We are all right and all thoughts, all acts are valid when we find the most authentic version of ourselves. In life you are free, there is no structure to follow, just try to provide something important to society, shake minds and create new horizons in the world. All you have to do is be yourself, your best version, the most authentic.

Duration: 5 minutes.
Instrumentation: SATB+ String Quintet and Piano
Difficulty: Medium
Text language: In English, original by Anthony Silvestri.
Sheet Music Delivery Date: 6 weeks after completing the consortium.

Click to hear what I have already written about the piece.


The last tears of the weeping sun
Fall like rain upon the meadow.
The soft shape of my last dream
Calls to me, and I will answer.

All my mysteries have been revealed,
Fulfilled is all desire,
All my love is evergreen.

How I have dreamed of this moment!
Never have I known a sigh so deep
As the sigh that returns me to you.

I will sleep now, in the silence;
In the calm I close my eyes
And see you in my dream,
Waiting there for me
With the rising sun in your eyes.

Complete, at peace, free,
My dreams fulfilled.
Already I feel your presence
Closer, closer;
Soon I will see you again.

And then, the quiet…
The quiet…
The quiet whisper of the last breath.

Charles Anthony Silvestri

The consortium system

In a collective spirit initiative, Anthony and I have decided to open this work to come to life as a consortium. We think the value of US$ 300 per group is adequate. The doors will be open until the consortium is completed.

Both choirs and Patreons can participate. If you are a Patreon you do not have a fixed fee. If you are a choir, ideally the fees will be US $ 300. The good news is that since the piece has a fixed cost, the more choirs are part of this family, the lower the cost of the fee. To ensure transparency in the process, you can see this excel spreadsheet. Here I will be adding interested people who make a small deposit to confirm their participation.

As I know that many budgets have been refined, you can privately agree on the most convenient payment model for you. If you want to participate, you can pre-register for free here and we will contact you as soon as we gather the minimum number of members needed.

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