The Last March of Destiny

With the Covid-19 vaccine just around the corner, I wanted to write a work to premiere when normality returns. It is essential to have a work that recapitulates all the darkness and that teaches us to appreciate this new opportunity. We must live this new opportunity with determination. We must give thanks and celebrate a new era.


The earth is submerged in darkness. A voice of light that comes from the beginning of time resounds at the edge of the portal where the angels live. It is the resounding of the march of the mountains awakening every living being on the face of the earth and calling the angels. It is the sound that calls the beginning of a new era. The gray cloak that once covered the sky is transformed into radiant light. All forces manage to unite to grant a new opportunity.

Now is the time to live with determination, wisdom and humility. Thanking our ancestors and the environment for giving us a second chance. Celebrating with the commitment to use this new era to improve each other.

Duration: 4′ 20″
Choir: SSAATTBB + Bass soloist
Difficulty: Medium
Text: Original by Charles Anthony Silvestri


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Now we are creating a virtual choir

This work was born as a consortium. This work was born as a consortium. To release it, we thought that joining the 10 choirs that would make up the consortium to create a virtual choir would be a good idea. So we assembled a great team of professionals to create this experience. The proposal began to grow and we decided to open the doors to all the singers in the world. We are currently still receiving singers so they can be part of this experience. If you want to know how to do it, click here.


For this occasion Charles Anthony Silvestri did another of his feats. He started from some already written scores without text and after 4 weeks of hard work he managed to bring to life a very beautiful narrative story. I guess very few people in the world have the ability to put such beautiful words into an already written musical staff. There are days when I find it hard to believe that I am working with one of my biggest idols. Enjoy the poem.

The Last March of Destiny

Ever moving
Ever proving
Ever changing
Never ceasing
E’er increasing

Far, and a distant call
Echoes at the edge of forever;
Angelic voices hang in air.
Hear the dawning of a new day,
A new age of the earth.

Rises the sun of life,
And the voices sing it into birth.
Hear the call, all of creation singing,
Arise! Arise!

Slowly, on the edge of time,
Rising up in the golden light,
There awakes a destiny,
And the mountains move,
Rumbling under earth;
And the stirring air
Lifts the waiting veil.

We lift up our eyes,
We open our arms,
We lift up our voice,
We open our hearts
To this new destiny,
Filled with harmony and light,
Surrounding, embracing,
Bestowing brand new life!

©2021 by Charles Anthony Silvestri

The consortium system

This work came to the world thanks to the consortium system and the support of the Patreons. To do this, we divide the total cost of the work among the choirs that commissioned it. This is how 10 choirs had the opportunity to be part of the composition process of the work. We also had a chat room to discuss progress and steps to follow. They were also joined by the Patreons system who, by making contributions without a specific fee, have done a great job easing the cost of the registration of the choirs. Thus, thanks to the union and the collective way of working, we were able to bring this work to life.

They are the ones who made this work possible

Central Bucks High School-West Choir, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA, Dr. Joseph Ohrt, Conductor – Chris & Chrissy Carpenter – Elaine Farrar Kondrat – Mack and Sam Campbell – Marti and Howard Dawson – Chris Bowman – Bill Perrot – Montgomery High School Madrigals, Montgomery, TX, USA, Heather Orr, Conductor – SoFlo Harmony from Miami Arts Studio, Miami, USA, Ryan Ellis, Conductor – Vellichor, Massachusetts, USA, Reagan Paras, Conductor

If you want to acquire the scores or make any questions related to this work, write an email to with the subject “The Last March of Destiny”.

Being a self-published composer

I am a self-published composer. My philosophy is to create unity between people. For this reason, I value the composer-director and composer-choir relationship, providing a complete service for those who incorporate these works into the repertoire.

You can coordinate a zoom session and make inquiries by writing an email to

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