The Last March of Destiny

With the Covid-19 vaccine just around the corner, I wanted to write a work to premiere when normality returns. It is essential to have a work that recapitulates all the darkness and that teaches us to appreciate this new opportunity. We must live this new opportunity with determination. We must give thanks and celebrate a new era.


The earth is submerged in darkness. A voice of light that comes from the beginning of time resounds at the edge of the portal where the angels live. It is the resounding of the march of the mountains awakening every living being on the face of the earth and calling the angels. It is the sound that calls the beginning of a new era. The gray cloak that once covered the sky is transformed into radiant light. All forces manage to unite to grant a new opportunity.

Now is the time to live with determination, wisdom and humility. Thanking our ancestors and the environment for giving us a second chance. Celebrating with the commitment to use this new era to improve each other.

Duration: 4′ 20″
Choir: SSAATTBB + Bass soloist
Difficulty: Medium
Text: Original by Charles Anthony Silvestri
Sheet Music Delivery Date: 4 weeks after completing the consortium.


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About the composition process

The musical speech is already written. That gives us the guarantee of having good music in the repertoire, of being able to get to know the work and its theme. Now our union is necessary to give life to the words that evoke the message of this music. For that we will use 6 weeks where Charles Anthony Silvestri will give life to the words that this work needs. I will also improve the editing so that it is comfortable for your singers.

The consortium system

In a collective spirit initiative, Anthony and I have decided to open this work to come to life as a consortium. Only 10 choirs will have the opportunity to perform the world premiere and have the name of the choir/patreon in all editions of this work. We think the value of US$ 300 per group is adequate. The doors will be open until the consortium is completed. As I know that many budgets have been refined, you can privately agree on the most convenient payment model for you. Take this date as a confirmation date, I understand the current situation and can be as flexible as necessary.

If you want to participate or make a query, simply write an email to with the subject «The Last March of Destiny».