RADIANCE || A Consortium for Choir and Full Orchestra

I already wrote about a minute of music for this arrangement and I want to share it with you.
Technical Detail

Duration: 8 to 10 minutes.
Instrumentation: SATB+ Full Orchestra
Difficulty: Medium
Text language: In English, original by Anthony Silvestri.
Writing Time: Eight and a half weeks from the completion of the consortium
Editing Time: One month
Sheet Music Delivery Date:
12 weeks (three months) from the start of the consortium

If you want to participate you will get:
  • Exclusive right of interpretation for a season

  • Rehearsals and consultations via zoom

  • All copies, no matter which publisher publishes them, will contain your name and your choir’s name in the dedication.

  • A chat group to see and hear the evolution of the work

  • You can request changes or adaptations in the scores

  • The delivery of the material contains: the master with orchestra and choir, the scores for each instrument and a version specially designed for singers that consists of the choir scores with a piano reduction.

Would you miss the opportunity to participate in a consortium?

As I stand here before you today, I want to introduce you to an exciting new initiative: Radiance. This is a collaborative effort between Anthony Silvestri and I. We want to create a symphonic choral work that celebrates the union between people. To make this a reality, we’re creating this special consortium.

I’m sure many of you knows about our last Consortium, I Will Deam With You. It was a huge success, and it gave us the opportunity to travel the world and work with students. With Radiance, we’re taking that idea even further and giving more students the chance to learn about teamwork and collaboration.

Think about it, the chance to work with people from all over the world, to create something beautiful and meaningful. We can almost smell the harmony in the air, hear the music from around the world, and feel the sense of camaraderie that comes from working together. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when our collective efforts come together in a powerful, awe-inspiring performance.

Radiance is more than just a musical experience, it’s an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and each other. It’s an opportunity for us to make a lasting, positive impact.

Synopsis of the work:

Close your eyes and envision yourself in a group of people, all working together for a common goal. You can feel the heat of the room, the energy of the group, and your heart beating with anticipation. You feel connected to each person in a way that transcends language, like you can feel the trust and understanding between you all. You see each person’s unique gifts and strengths as they shine through, and you know that together you will accomplish something special.

The smell of determination and camaraderie fills the air and you can hear the sound of everyone working in harmony. The sound of your collective efforts is like a song that brings the group closer together and you know that your successes and failures will be shared by all.

This is the feeling of success, of true accomplishment and fulfillment. This is the radiance that emanates from our collective efforts, a blaze of life force that will last forever. This is the message of this piece, to fully and truly commit to the relationships in our lives, and to live each moment with intensity, feeling the warmth of the life force from those around us.

Santiago Veros and Charles Anthony Silvestri

The air, it shines with new light
In your eyes, in my eyes,
A new horizon opens wide before us;
This moment and eternity are one.

We open our eyes together
In this moment,
And discover forever in each other.

Together we have weathered every storm;
The tempests that tormented us,
The shadows that darkened our hearts
Can darken us no more.

Together we have captured all the wind,
And the rains are now a flowing river,
Gleaming in the golden light
Of a blazing new sun of joy, of us!

We are that light
That shines in the clear air,
The radiance of all eyes;
We are the one and eternal unity,
And our union is the soul of all things,
The universe, reflected in our eyes.

Charles Anthony Silvestri

How do you think this project will work for you?

Take a deep breath, and imagine a world of possibility. Now, open them, and let’s make it a reality. I’m here to accompany you on your journey, ready to explore the possibilities. Let’s make a connection, and together we can find our own unique radiance. Reach out to me at contact@santiagoveros.site with the subject line “Radiance”, and together we can create something truly remarkable.