A new way of creating music

How did the idea come about?

A while ago I wanted to restructure my content. I asked you on social media what you would like to know about me and got many answers. At the same time, I always wanted to create a community to create music collectively and come together as one big family.
So I started doing reviews every Sunday to tell about the choirs and the composers that I appreciate. In addition I have created a Challenge called #onedayonework where I invite a friend composer to each create 2 minutes of music using a poem written by the other composer.

I want to thank you for giving a beautiful welcome to all this new material. When one bets on renewing the path and receives so much in return, it is beautiful. I think we are learning that, regardless of social distances, we are still united. Land of Angels was the first work of the Challenge Onedayonework and many people fell in love with that work. I did reviews on choirs and composers and we started to get to know each other more.

All-access Patron

– Works dedicated to you (Your name will appear on the score in all editions).
– Your name will appear at the end of each of my YouTube videos
– You will decide the next projects and titles of my works
– You will select the works with which we will make the virtual choirs
– We will have one zoom section per month
– Unpublished anecdotes accompanied by photo albums.
– Monthly newsletter updates with unpublished content.
– We will select who we will nominate for the #onedayonework challenge
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– Full access to all my scores
– You can order up to 40 copies per month with a license to do rehearsals and give concerts.

About the experience of being a patreon

Now I want to go to the next step! Build a community of collective participation. I want to invite you to make a community where you can have free access to the scores, to vote on each theme of the new creations. Each work will have your name in all editions. We can select together the person or the choir from which we will review every Sunday. We will do the same with the work of the month and the work of the challenge #onedayondework. We will create an interactive community. Because that is choral music, it is a community activity and I want its essence to be transferred to the production of works.

I already have a whole plan made (see the calendar of activities) so that we can enjoy activities together and that you can be present seeing in the first row how music is born. If you join, you will have access to the videos 15 days before the rest of the world, you will be able to see how each work was thought, propose poems for the works see how I compose in real time, be part of an instagram with exclusive content and broadcasts on alive. If you are a director, you will be able to download up to 40 monthly copies of any of my titles and use them in virtual choirs with your choir or save them for future concerts.

If you want to join, go to the Patreon link and select the category in which you feel most comfortable.

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If you have questions or concerns, Share them by sending an email to contact@santiagoveros.site
I hope to see you there to create music together!

Thanks to my current Partreons

Elaine Farrar Kondrat

Martha C Dawson

 Christine Crofut Carpenter