La Magia del Río

SATB – Easy

We are brothers of the same species and maybe we do not realize but our differences ideological, behavioral, religious, gender, etc. – In truth are skills to complement us and if we unite them, we will have access to all the knowledge of all the truths existing in humanity.

 We must be tolerant and learn from one another because we are in the same boat traveling together and to live a wonderful life, we must listen to each other and unite to awaken our kindness and create synergistic relationships. So we will always remember that we are the same species and we will find peace.

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About the edition

This version was designed for amateur singers who decided to participate in the virtual choir experience. The breaths that are written on the scores were made in order to unify criteria and help to obtain a neat recording. You will find that thanks to this, it will be easy to get a logical phrasing of the language syntax at the same time that your choir can have a complete understanding of the work in the first readings. To promote the legatto character of the work, I invite the director to cancel certain breaths once the work is learned by the choir.

Translation of the lyrics.

We are the union;
The most powerful force in nature,
With the ability to make shine
The spring of desires.

We are the arms high up and
We are hugging the sky
Uniting the seas;
We cross the borders and
We create magic.

We are transported there,
Where desire flows and
Where together we are the torrent
With the ability to turn dreams into reality.

Together we are the magic of the universe.

Poem by Santiago Veros
La Magia del Río- Pronunciation Guide

Being a self-published composer

I am a self-published composer. My philosophy is to create unity between people. For this reason, I value the composer-director and composer-choir relationship, providing a complete service for those who incorporate these works into the repertoire.

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