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Technical file of the work

Duration: 4:40 minutes.
Instrumentation: SSAA + Soloist
Difficulty: Medium / Hard
Text language: English


This work is demanding, it requires questioning social roots and dogmas. It is a work that was born to support the LGBTIQ + community. This piece has a soul committed to equal rights and opportunities among people. A non-normative person is one who has evaluated himself and asked many questions to find the true inner self. That is not something so common in this society. This work is full of questions, internal fights and the fighting spirit necessary to overthrow dogmas.


Is this even about me, or is it all about you?
Is there thought behind your words and

Are they even yours?
Or were they passed down by generations
Never once reevaluated?
Who are you really?
How you are?

Find your way, I looked for mine
Use the time of your life to find yourself
Find your way,
Have you ever asked who you are?

Who are you really?
Ask your self
Why I am so wrong?
Who is the villain here?
Ask yourself
Do you even know yourself
or could you be lying deceiving yourself?

Look at me
Not the clothes
Not the hair
See me
A Human
We’re the same thing
Give me a clean state

What if that part of me wasn’t there?
If I was like you in that way
Would you give me a chance?
Look at my words
Look at my actions
Why would you judge anything else?

I am human,
I’m here!

Lyrics by Joe Hazell and Gianni Recupero

About the premiere at the ACDA conference

Central Bucks High School-West commissioned this piece to be performed at the 2020 ACDA conference in Rochester, NY. The concert was really emotional. A few days before the start of the pandemic, on March 5, 2020, the Rochester conference was lucky enough to hear the wonderful voices of this choir in an exceptional program called “we are the storm”.

I was lucky to be a composer in residence and to be part of the tour during its premiere, the growth that the work has had and the commitment of the children who sang it was something surprising and one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I hope that if you select this work, I can give you all the support so that you get a beautiful interpretation.