Technical file of the work

Duration: 8 minutes
Instrumentation: SATB (divisi) + percussion, string quintet and organ
Difficulty: Medium
Text language: Spanish
Sheet Music Delivery Date: 8 to 12 weeks after commissioning the piece.

Delivery includes parts for all instruments, a score for choir with a reduction from orchestra to piano.


This work narrates the immensity of the glaciers in a very poetic way. Looking at small changes patiently and calmly will allow us to have inner peace. We’ll have 8 minutes to fly into an incredible landscape with the voices of the world. The idea of ​​the composition is to generate a choral atmosphere that moves us to clam. With a cinematographic genre, the sound will be epic and majestic. 

If you want to participate you will get:
  • Exclusive right of interpretation for a season (September-June)

  • Rehearsals and consultations via zoom

  • All copies, no matter which publisher publishes them, will contain your name and your choir’s name in the dedication.

  • A chat group to see and hear the evolution of the work

  • You can request changes or adaptations in the scores

  • The delivery of the material contains: the master with orchestra and choir, the scores for each instrument and a version specially designed for singers that consists of the choir scores with a piano reduction.


Eternos campos plateados de
enigmáticos cristales envueltos
en el manto del tiempo.

Huellas del laberinto
de gigantes eternos.
Y en la aurora de los tiempos, 
mil montañas danzando.

El lago de las estrellas,
Los titanes, el enigma del tiempo 
congelado en el viento.

Majestuoso templo de 
guardianes de lo perpetuo 
que abren sus puertas.

Original poem by Santiago Veros

Eternal silver fields of
enigmatic crystals wrapped
in the cloak of time.

Footprints of the labyrinth
of eternal giants.
And in the dawn of time,
a thousand mountains dancing.

The lake of stars
The titans, the enigma of time
frozen in the wind.

Majestic temple of
guardians of the perpetual
that open their doors.

This work is available to be commissioned. It is an idea that would be wonderful to bring to the world. If you are interested in promoting art, acquiring something original and being part of a great experience, simply write to