If you want to be in contact with me, write me.
There we can coordinate calls, rehearsals, take advantage of my visits to countries close to yours, create works, acquired copies and resolve all kinds of questions about music.

I am also on WhatsApp

My professional phone line is +54 9 11 2555-5615 Do not hesitate to add me to your agenda on WhatsApp, make inquiries, schedule calls or simply say hello whenever you want.

Margaret Beardall – Travel manager

After completing 5 tours I decided it was time to have a travel agent. Someone who can coordinate between the organizers of the festivals or the finance department of the university so that I can focus on studying the material or preparing the piece that we will do on our visit.

That is why since 2019 I have been using Margaret’s services. She is a friend who speaks several languages, is incredibly fast and efficient in her work and above all, she is very kind and caring. If you need my services and don’t have a department in charge of travel management, we could save time by using Margaret’s services. Contact: