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The consortium is excellence, inclusion, interaction and growth taken to the next level.

The consortium format is the most powerful tool to create true works of art in community. Many times the most ambitious initiatives have very high fees. And that’s why choirs usually can’t afford to commission large pieces. In a spirit of high artistic standards, inclusion, interaction and growth, Santiago opens this opportunity to all choirs.

In the consortium, several choirs share the fees for a work to give life to a certain proposal. Both Patreons and choirs can participate in the community of each consortium. The true objective of this initiative is not only to create ambitious works, but also to create a community and together leave a great mark that we can be proud of.

“The best of my repertoire was brought to life by consortia. It is that one simply feels connection with the community and wants to offer the best of oneself. Lake of Stars, Galaxias and The Last March of Destiny have been amazing consortiums. We’ve won many friends and experiences together. I have even visited several choirs that have formed these consortiums and we give great concerts together”.

Santiago Veros
How can I be part?

Every year there are a minimum of two consortium initiatives. Any director or individual can contact Santiago offering their idea. If the idea is really good, it can be selected as a seed for the next consortium. If you subscribe to the Newsletter you will be able to find out more easily when and how the next consortium will be.

Artistic excellence and inclusion are the engines of the consortium. That is why fees start at US$300 and each choir is free to contribute their best effort to complete the total amount. Individual art lovers are also often part of these initiatives. In this way we can show that humans, when we act in a community manner, are capable of building great wonders.

Additional benefits
  • Your name will be printed on all editions

  • The work will be dedicated to your choir

  • Zoom sessions

  • Exclusive right of interpretation for one season

  • Study material

  • Advertising for your concerts (Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter and Website)

  • Advertising for your (Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter and Website)

  • Advertising for your recording (YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter and Website)

Next consortium

I Will Dream With You

This consortium celebrates the life of dogs in general and was supported in large part by kind souls who promote art. Brian J. Winnie, Julian Bryson and William Perrot will bring this work to life. The premiere concert will be on October 20, 2022. Anthony Silvestri once again provides powerful words in memory of Santiago Veros’ pet.

Patreons: Carpenter Family, Elaine Farrar Kondrat, Howard Dawson, Kirsten Goulde, Martha Catheleen Dawson and Shirley Butterworth

Lake of Stars

Some of the best female choirs in the world came together to give life to the most ambitious work of Santiago Veros. This 9-minute work for choir, string orchestra, and flute features the poetry of Charles Anthony Silvestri. The first performance was held on May 14, 2022 in Vancouver. The Elektra Women’s Choir together with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra gave life to one of the best works written by Santiago Veros.

The Last March of Destiny

The consortium for this piece brings together choirs from at least three continents during the lookdown. For the premiere of the work, singers from all over the world were summoned to create a virtual choir. The words of Charles Anthony Silvestri together with the splendid music of Santiago Veros made this work an emblematic hymn of hope.


The best-selling work to date was born as a consortium. It provides the opportunity to unite choirs from Canada and the United States in the same initiative. Today Galaxias is sung in Croatia, Ireland, the United States, Argentina and Canada. It is a piece that has boosted tours and will be used for choral competitions in Ireland.

The real protagonists of the works

Every choir or Patreon that joins leaves their mark on this page and in history.
The great works that have been born in the consortia have their protagonists and you can be the next.

  • Canzona Women’s Ensemble – Jill Anderson and Cricket Handler, Artistic Directors

  • Cantabile Society of Truro – Christopher Bowman, Artistic Director

  • Cantala (Lawrence University Women’s Choir) – Phillip A. Swan, conductor

  • Central Bucks High School-West Choir

  • Elektra Women’s Choir – Morna Edmundson, Artistic Director

  • Jacksonville University Singers – Julian Bryson, Artistic Director

  • Kings Chorale – William Perrot, Artistic Director

  • Montgomery High School Madrigals – Heather Orr, Artistic Director

  • Nazareth College Treble Choir – Brian M. Stevens, Artistic Director

  • SoFlo Harmony from Miami Arts Studio – Ryan Ellis, Artistic Director

  • Sora Singers (Brock University) – Rachel Rensink-Hoff, Artistic Director

  • “The New Melodies” I International Competition of Composers – Dmitry Danilov Music Agency

  • Vellichor – Reagan Paras, Artistic Director

  • Western Illinois University Singers – Dr. Brian J. Winnie, Artistic Director

  • Christine Crofut Carpenter

  • Christopher Carpenter

  • Elaine Farrar Kondrat

  • Howard Dawson

  • Joy Hewitt

  • Martha Cathleen Dawson

  • Shirley Butterworth

  • Kirsten Goulde

The next consortium will be “RADIANCE || An arrangement for Choir and Full Orchestra”. It is already open! You can take a look at the initiative by clicking here.
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