Santiago Veros || Choral Composer

about santiago veros
Excellence, social inclusion, interaction and personal growth.

As an artist I feel the obligation to leave something embodied on this earth, something that makes us reflect. It is important to determine that art is something inherent to the human condition and therefore no human can be left out of its practice and enjoyment. Art is what makes us evolve our thinking, portrays the socio-economic situation and helps us put on the table issues that need to be discussed.

With excellence we can make the message go deeper. That this message transcends in the conscience. We know that something well done will last over time and penetrate deeper into the heart.

With inclusion we can allow ourselves to be more human. Having humanity and understanding ourselves as a social group, not being beasts that separate people because of their condition or origin. Be more human.

With interaction and personal growth, we can and will create a better society. If individuals start to grow, then we will be better able to interact on a deeper level. This interaction is what transforms us as a more caring, loving, nurturing and compassionate society as a whole.

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